The Basics of Perfect Dissertation Writing for Rookies

When you are ready to seek your PhD, you will need to research and write a successful dissertation. There are a thousand handouts, samples, and dissertation writing services can assist you. However, there are some very important basics that you might not be aware of as you start the piece. Use our guides to these secret, but important basic clues.


The topic balancing act -the subject has got to show a working knowledge of the history of your field, but it also has to show that you are fully aware of trending topics and field ideas. You have to know all of the important people and events in your area. It has to be unique, but not too silly or odd. You should come up with several ideas, search them online to see if others are using them, and then take them to your advisor for suggestions and advice.

When you should use professional help-use professional help during the tedious non-personal parts of the piece. An example of this might be for the proofreading, the works cited page set up, or the editing. These are places where you will not lose your voice by employing extra professional help.

Do your interviews, surveys, and case studies first-if you are able to do all of the field work such as surveys and interviews first, then once you start the writing proces, you will not need to stop when you have to obtain these sources. I always over collect this data, so I have more than enough when it is needed.

Make regular appointments with your faculty advisor-you have a dissertation faculty advisor, so he or she can help you. If you never go to see him or her, you are not utilizing a very valuable resource. Make your appointments early, and on a regular basis. Use this important voice to help you through the project.

Build in cushion time to your schedule-you should make a complete project schedule before you start step one. Work from the due date backwards to the current date. As you make the schedule, add cushion days. You will need these buffers incase you get sick, have an emergency, or you simply need some rest time. Keep as up-to-date with this work schedule as you can. If you fall behind, it will be hard to catch up on the work.