Konjiam Resort Ski rental service

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About The Konjiam Ski resort Rental shop


We treats Konjiamresort ski and snowboard rental gears. Konjiamresort is the biggest ski resort near Seoul. Many people want to buy a ski lift ticket at a discount. We recomment to visit the 곤지암리프트권 snowboard rental shop near resort. They let you know how to purchase discounted ski lift tickets. 

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True Customization

Every Swift board comes with a unique tag that lists its full specs. We do this to ensure that our buyers are fully aware of the kind of board they’re purchasing, along with any tweaks made to it. In-store customization can be made at any of our physical locations.

We also create boards that are made-to-order. You can use our mobile app to fully customize your board, down to the tightness of your trucks.

Sweet Sweet Decks

These are some of the sickest decks you’ll ever see.